Types of Carpet Fibers You Need to Have at Home

Many people and homeowners prefer carpets compared to other flooring materials. This is because for many reasons. Carpets, in general, are very attractive to look at, and this is why only the fancy homes are the ones that have carpets installed on their floor. They are also very comfortable and easy to clean. You will be needing only a good vacuum and some baking soda for smell removal. If you are looking for carpet cleaning Victoria BC, you need to ensure that the company provides good cleaning output and good tools for the cleaning process. In addition, there are many services that offer good cleaning output for an affordable price. So, choose smartly.  

In order for you to identify what kind of cleaning solutions are the best and the appropriate methods for cleaning your carpets, you need to be familiar with the kinds of carpets and identify what you have in the house.  

The following are the basic facts about carpets:  

  • The carpets are able to absorb sound, making noises less audible 
  • There are many kinds of carpets with different styles, colors, and patterns that can satisfy your preferences and personal style 
  • When you are concerned about the price of installation, you need to know that carpets are economical and are a very great long-term investment. It may be costly at the initial installation but the maintenance and the benefits it provides as well as the comfort are unequaled.  
  • Carpet has a non-slip surface that is safe for anyone especially children and seniors 
  • Carpets also have insulating properties that make you feel warm during cold winters, making your HVAC units more efficient.  

The following are the types of Carpet Fibers: 

Polyester – this kind of carpet is known for its luxurious structure and surface. The surface feels very soft and there are several colors for selection. This carpet is ideal for a home with a normal amount of traffic, and not good for a house that has much traffic.  

Nylon – when you want a very durable carpet material, then nylon if the best material for you. In fact, nylon is the most durable carpet material you can ever choose among the list.  

Wool – carpets that are made of wool have very wonderful structures and surfaces. It is known for its natural beauty and it’s considered to be luxurious aside from the polyester. It is also very resistant to different dirt, dust, and other debris.  

There are several things you need to consider when it comes to purchasing a carpet: 

Twist – the twist refers to how the fibers are tightened ad twisted. The tighter the yarn, the better the carpet will be.  

Carpet construction – the durability of the carpet is determined by how it is constructed by a tufting machine. It also includes the quality of the tufts as well as the density of the tufts. 

Density – Density refers to the amount and how tightly packed the fibers are. The closer the fibers are, the denser the carpet is; and the denser the carpet is, the more durable the carpet becomes.